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Recruiting Quadrant

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Tired of chasing prospects?

New recruits are the lifeblood of any Network Marketing business. So once your original list of friends and family run out, what are you supposed to do?

If you are like most network marketers, you don’t do anything. You cross your fingers and hope that the business just grows without you. But a small number of network marketers want it bad enough to go out there and cold market prospect. It’s like a badge of honor. Proof that we want it badly enough.

But the truth is Network Marketing is about relationships… and cold market prospecting simply isn’t that effective. Especially if you are chasing prospects one at a time. So I put together a short video for you about the “Recruiting Quadrant”. It explains the different “positions” you can recruit from and may give you some insight about why some distributors make WAY more money, without working nearly as hard as you are. It all boils down to Leverage and Authority:



“The Grind”

This is what most full time network marketers are taught to do. The problem? Prospecting in “The Grind” is worse than having a job (at least for me). When you operate in the grind, you are getting zero leverage, and because you have no relationship or status with the prospect, you get treated with zero respect, and you are left chasing and following up. Despite how horrible this strategy is, 99% of Network Marketing trainings are just different ways to operate in The Grind. And when they don’t work? The problem must be that YOU just don’t want it badly enough.


The Hustler is the “less talked about” side of network marketing. They are the activities that almost all pro network marketers do… but very few teach it. Things like going to networking events. Buying a tradeshow booth. Doing lead gen or buying leads. Activities that allow them to get in front of more prospects in one weekend than most people get in front of in a year. There is no denying it works. But it a lot of work. A lot of rejection. A lot of follow up. And you don’t get the respect you deserve. Prospects treat you like “just another sales person”… and it can wear on you.

“Busy Professional”

Busy Pro is where most successful network marketers go to “semi-retire”. They usually became successful by grinding it out and chasing prospects, and they just don’t want to do it anymore. They build by getting referrals, using their status, and building in depth in their team (3 way calls). The advantage is that you get treated with the respect that you deserve. Your closing % is WAY up… but the number of people you talk to is WAY down. You have leverage because your TEAM recruits… but the problem is that you don’t get any LEVERAGE in your personal recruiting. Which means your rank and income are no longer in your control.


The star quadrant is the gold standard in recruiting. You get prospects chasing you… and you get leverage by prospecting groups rather than individuals. You get the respect you deserve. It FEELS great because you are adding value, and because you know that it is the highest and best use of your time. In fact, most of the “gurus” who sell programs and teach “the proper ways” to succeed in The Grind… they get their message out by operating in the Star quadrant. The Star quadrant is literally the best positioning you can get when it comes to recruiting. The problem? It’s usually hard to get into the star quadrant (think “becoming a best selling author) and it’s not duplicatable. The good news is there are technology and apps that are making it easier and easier to get into the star quadrant. And that same technology… is making the Star quadrant duplicatable.

Watch the video above (if you haven’t already) and then drop a comment below with your favorite way to prospect, and what quadrant you think it is in.

Keep Moving Forward!