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How I Learned to Stop Chasing (and Start Attracting) Prospects.


Imagine if you could build a successful network marketing business without calling your friends and family over and over again. Without having to go to networking events and watch people’s eyes glaze over as soon as you say network marketing. And without having to buy a booth at a trade show… only to watch people walk past you all day.


It’s easy to run out of new people to talk to. Most new network marketers do.


When you find yourself prospecting strangers at the mall… or pitching your comp plan at your kid’s playground… or even cold-calling leads… that’s when most network marketers shut down.


I’ve met hundreds of people who haven’t achieved the success they wanted in network marketing, simply because they didn’t talk to enough people.


First they exhaust their warm list… like I did. Then they spend all their free time giving home presentations to one or two people (like I did)… or going to networking events where nobody listened (me too!)… or boothing at trade shows where nobody stopped to look (I was that guy).


Even after spending all that time, money, and energy… they still aren’t meeting enough prospects to make it all worthwhile.


They wonder, why am I doing this… if I hate this process so much? And why would anyone join me?


If this sounds familiar to you… you’re not alone… and it isn’t your fault.


A lot of network marketing companies tell you that you can have “time freedom” by sponsoring a team of distributors and having them work on your behalf. This sounds great, but it doesn’t work that way in real life.


The truth is, you can spend hundreds of hours a month meeting prospects, following up, qualifying their interest, showing your presentation, following up again, sponsoring and training new distributors, and helping them build a team (some will… and some won’t).


Does that sound like time freedom to you?


To me, it felt like a full-time job. And believe it or not, I reached the LOWEST point in my network marketing career… once I was already at the TOP.


I was leading a big team and earning enough to support a comfortable lifestyle for my family. I was supposed to feel happy and successful… like I had finally “made it” after a decade of struggle… but I was completely overwhelmed.


I’ll never forget the day I took my son swimming, and I was overcome with anxiety about leaving my phone in the locker (what if someone in my downline needed me?). The whole time we were swimming, I was so mentally zoned-out that I wasn’t even present with my son. He may as well have been in daycare.


That feeling of “having it all” but not having the time to enjoy it? That was the lowest point in my network marketing career.


Shortly after that I heard a quote that changed my life: “What would you need to change about your business, in order to increase or maintain your profits, while only working for one hour a day?”


I knew I needed to stop working so much. When I asked myself that question, I realized that 80% of the people I recruited had come from one place: my Meetup group.


I was spending 200 hours a month in my business, and only 2 hours a month planning a Meetup… which meant that 80% of my results were coming from only 1% of my time.


That’s when I realized that I was doing something that nobody else I knew was doing: I was successfully using Meetup to build my network marketing business.

In my network marketing journey, I had noticed four distinct personalities. Something that I started calling the “Recruiting Quadrant”:


  • The Grind is where most people start, and where a lot of people stay. In the Grind, you’re constantly chasing people, and you’re practically invisible. It’s no fun.

  • The Hustler hands out business cards at networking events, and product samples at trade shows. As the Hustler you’re more visible, but you’re still chasing people.

  • The Busy Pro is slowly building a team. As the Busy Pro you’re a slave to your cell phone, and still you’re doing everything yourself. (This is where I was, that day at the pool.)

  • The Star uses leverage to attract qualified prospects. As the Star, you’re regarded as the expert and an authority in your business. You can influence large groups of people.


Hosting just one Meetup per week became my gateway to the Star Quadrant. Over time, I gained local influence, and my prospects started coming to me… they saw me as an expert and an influencer in my community. Once I moved into the Star Quadrant, I never had to chase anyone again.


The first few people I coached on using Meetup had spectacular success. They were building Meetup groups in their cities that attracted thousands of members… and were becoming local leaders themselves.


I eventually created Meetup Marketer so that I could help more people have the same success. People like you. Because I believe you should be able to choose how you grow your network marketing business.


Sure, you can choose to do The Grind and spend all your time chasing people, or become the Hustler who hawks your products at trade shows, or be like the Busy Pro who can’t put down your phone for five minutes.


Or… you can operate in the Star Quadrant. You can leverage your time, become the trusted authority, and add value to your prospects’ lives… while building a community of people who are interested in what you have to say.


In the past, the Star Quadrant was reserved for best-selling authors, top online marketers, and leaders who dazzle from the stage.


Today is one of the best times in history to be an entrepreneur. Thanks to powerful platforms like Meetup, the Star Quadrant is actually within your reach. And you don’t have to write a bestseller  (or spend thousands of dollars a month in Facebook Ads) to get there.


In fact, everything I’m going to show you can be done in less than two hours a week, with a $20 monthly budget.

How would you rather grow your business?


If you feel like you belong in the Star Quadrant, then Meetup Marketer is the course for you. Register for a free introductory webinar to learn more.


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See you in the Star Quadrant,


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